We are no longer looking for employees.

We are looking for partners.


We offer:

Own Fenster / (even) Fenster network. At the expense of the main company


Position and career growth inside of the head company



Several weeks of cleaning the coffee shop

Maybe several months

Then several weeks of cleaning machines and devices

It can also be delayed

And only after that very hard barista’s job



In the best coffee shop in the world, according to our visitors

Minimum 2 years

More – maybe. Less – no


Lack of a clear schedule

The first months of work at the minimum salary

Next – who knows

You should come to Fenster any moment of your day off

No talking

Lack of non-proffee life

Now your private life revolves around coffee

And around Fenster

The impossibility of using perfumes with a smell


The same about smoking

The same goes for spicy food

No non-work relationships at work

No delays

To perform all duties stipulated by the rules and other documents for the relevant position





You have to:

Fulfil all the conditions indicated above


We guarantee:

Full compliance with labour and commercial legislation of the country



We do!