Tips revolution at Fenster Cafe!

Fenster Cafe | 26 May 2023 | 17:29

We have been preparing this project for a long time, more than 2 years. We have invested several tens of thousands EUR in it. We will not even be too lazy to tell you exactly how much that cots, later on. And finally, it is on. It’s not perfect. Not 100% as we see it. But it is working. It is already solving the tasks we set. Ladies and gentlemen, meet digital tipping in Fenster

To those who want to create their own coffee shop

Fenster Cafe | 28 April 2023 | 14:40

Let’s digress from the history of the best coffee shop in the world for a moment. Let’s talk a little about philosophy. I am often asked for advice on creating coffee shops. And every time my advice becomes shorter and more specific


Fenster Cafe | 28 April 2023 | 14:34

Fensterccino is a cappuccino in a waffle cone covered with chocolate. That is how its inventor, that is me, defines this product. In fact, the drink is not really a cappuccino, it is rather what the Spaniards call a cortado, but it has no meaning and nothing to do with Fenster’s success

Consent of the owner

Fenster Cafe | 28 April 2023 | 14:25

We agreed everything with my friend, now there was only one more thing to do – to get the consent of the owner or his representative in the form of a service company firstly to sublease, as this possibility is expressly prohibited in her lease contract, and secondly, to get permission to create a coffee shop in this room

How did you come up with Fenster? Part Three. Practical

Fenster Cafe | 28 April 2023 | 14:21

Well, as you already know, I have already sold my first coffee shop, withdrew from the project of the second coffee shop, in fact, without doing anything of what I had planned

How did you invent Fenster? Part two. Positioning the offer

Fenster Cafe | 28 April 2023 | 14:17

So, the idea of a coffee shop is ready. Now there is an interesting question that is often not paid enough attention to. This is positioning

How did you invent Fenster? Part one. A theoretical

Fenster Cafe | 14 March 2023 | 16:38

Every day 10-20 times I am asked the question: how did you come up with the idea to create Fenster? If you answer in essence, you need to study significant sections of anatomy and psychology, because how people come up with ideas – the question is there

Closed closet

Fenster Cafe | 8 March 2023 | 13:19

The closet or Schrank (Schrank – Schrnk) is the second establishment I created in Vienna. It was the second year of Kaffee von Sascha

The first coffee shop

Fenster Cafe | 20 December 2022 | 08:00

This is a separate and quite interesting story, but let’s talk about it in the context of creating the best coffee shop in the world. So, working on Kaffee von Sascha, I knew for sure that this was my “training” coffee shop


Fenster Cafe | 19 December 2022 | 12:28

Another quite common question: where did you learn everything? It is also not unambiguous